Varasi Strategy on One Page

Using the Playing to Win strategy framework to communicate Varasi's strategy on one page. We are a consultancy. Our mission is to help our clients build stronger customer relationships. It is our belief that long term customer relationships is the single greatest strength that winning companies have; their products & services are shaped by the insights into customer needs that come from the close and continuous interaction with customers. We are aligned to the Customer Success Platform from Salesforce as a key enabler for such customer relationships and for delivering a consistently good customer experience. We win when we do two things well : One, deeply understanding for each client engagement – how are the systems that we are implementing helping our clients build stronger customer relationships. And how exactly are the outcomes improving for our clients, because of our work Second, harnessing the client work we do, in the form of IP that we can bring to each of our projects – these are the best practices, industry processes, reusable Salesforce components.