Varasi Ops Helper: Empowering Salesforce Business Users With Automation

The Salesforce platform can be a game changer for your business. The speed and flexibility offered by the platform to configure and customize secure cloud solutions is unparalleled. In addition to being a cloud and mobile friendly platform, it gives a lot of power in the hands of business users to search, view and report on data. But anytime they need to automate tasks or perform bulk operations they need to call their administrators or developers. Our innovative app, Varasi Ops Helper, enables business users to automate repetitive tasks and perform bulk operations without additional help from developers. 

Sales, Marketing, Service and Sales Operation leaders using Salesforce need to constantly drive best practices and adoption across their teams. Often, this means frequent follow-ups or repetitive operations for many users. Here are some examples:

  • Contract renewals – Create a Case and send email reminders for all Accounts that are due for contract renewals
  • Re-org – Re-assign all of Fred’s Enterprise Accounts in Healthcare industry in Midwest region to Ryan
  • Deal review – Create a follow up Task for deal review on all Opportunities greater than $100K in proposal stage
  • Sales communication – Send email reminders to sales reps with open Opportunities without close dates
  • Campaign reconciliation – Update Campaign member status of all Leads in some campaigns
  • System upgrade – Update all historical Opportunities with new territory information

While Salesforce platform provides many automation tools to simplify these steps, configuring or customizing the system for one time needs becomes time consuming. Enabling business users to perform these operations goes a long way in incorporating best practices and increasing system adoption.

Varasi Ops Helper enables business users to accomplish more through the system without developer support. They can set up automations and bulk actions such as creating a case, creating a task, sending email, assigning record ownership on a filtered set of records with a business user friendly UI. The user experience is carefully designed along the lines of List Views and Filters. The app can be used by individual users to organize and plan better as well.

You can download Varasi Ops Helper from Salesforce AppExchange and give it a spin.

Here are a couple of videos to help you get started:

  • This Varasi Ops Helper Overview video will orient you to what you can accomplish with the app.
  • This Varasi Ops Helper Simple Plan video shows how you can create tasks in bulk for owners of accounts of a particular type in a specific region. The criteria for filtering accounts is set up as a filter in the app and task creation is set up as an action.

Team Varasi

Anil Nair
Anil Nair
Anil is a Managing Principal at Varasi. He shares thoughts and insights that help blend technical knowledge with business acumen to build great customer solutions. Anil is passionate about simple ways to achieve customer delight that are easy to understand but difficult to implement.