Varasi Value 3 – Leaders at all levels who ‘Know, Do, Be’


We believe in the three aspects of being, knowing and doing when it comes to leadership – who you are at your core, what you know and how you act. This particular credo of “Know, Do and Be” is one we have learnt from Armed Forces around the world.

Leaders at Varasi lead our people and our projects. Leaders solve problems, overcome obstacles, strengthen teamwork and achieve project objectives. People willingly follow only those who know what they are doing and do it well.

We seek people who have the aptitude and attitude for knowing, doing and being a Varasi-ite. We gradually increase the difficulty levels of assignments for our people to strengthen their leadership muscles. Their actions and how they lead others, determines the outcomes we achieve. Our leaders take care of our business, our customers, our growth, our future. 

Leaders are first of all, good followers themselves; they learn and teach the values of the firm (why we do what we do), operating principles and processes (how we do what we do) , learning and clarifying our business and operating model to our people (what we do).

Above all, leaders at all levels at Varasi are the custodians of our values. That is the highest level of trust and responsibility we place in each other. How we conduct ourselves as leaders, shapes the firm we end up building.