Program Management App on Salesforce AppExchange – Executing and Measuring Programs

This is the third blog in our Program Management app series. You can get an overview of the app in our the first blog in this series. The second blog covers Program Planning.

This video focuses on the execution and impact measurement parts of the Varasi Program Management App on Salesforce AppExchange. We walk you through all the features and functionalities on conducting the programs that you have setup. It orients you to the reports that are included as part of the app. This live demo of the app also includes a look at the mobile attendance management component.

Team Varasi

Anil Nair
Anil Nair
Anil is a Managing Principal at Varasi. He shares thoughts and insights that help blend technical knowledge with business acumen to build great customer solutions. Anil is passionate about simple ways to achieve customer delight that are easy to understand but difficult to implement.