Strategic Planning Considerations

We have been working with a non profit organization on their strategic planning. Thought this subset from the list of considerations /guidelines we came up with, is a good one for anyone starting on a strategic plan for the first time, or renewing a strategic planning process like our client is:

  • What is driving your need to prepare a Strategic Plan now ?
  • What is the scope of the plan ? Is it for the entire organization or only parts of it ?
  • Plan the planning
  • Have a plan for updating the plan
  • When coming up with strategic issues, focus on the root causes of problems you address. Often, it is helpful to look forward by first looking backward
  • Distinguish between strategic and operational issues. There is no precise test; use your judgement on whether the issue is major or minor, the risk of not addressing and impact
  • While strategy is about the big picture, don’t sacrifice depth in analysis. Evaluate alternatives, potential barriers
  • Brainstorm before editing and driving towards a consensus; more so when it comes to narratives such as vision
  • Break problems down to individual pieces. Detail and abstraction feed on each other. Dive deeper to understand nuances
  • And finally …. how a strategy is formulated is less important than how good the strategies are and how well they are implemented ! Focus on Strategic Thinking & Learning
Ramana Metlapalli
Ramana Metlapalli
Ramana is a Managing Principal at Varasi. Ramana is a lifelong learner and eternally curious about what goes into making some individuals and organizations, high performance ones. He writes about Business Analysis, Salesforce best practices and the world of Consulting.