Cause & Effect Analysis for Studying CRM Failures

Cause & Effect Analysis is used for diagnosis or root cause analysis. The information is structured in a way that mirrors how our brains function – in a radiant rather than a linear manner.

We literally ‘map out’ associations, connections to further stimulate ideas.

You work backwards from the effect to understand the causes.

For example, in a recent engagement where we were diagnosing falling sales, a cause & effect analysis drew upon the following areas for further analysis:

A: Processes       B: People       C: Structure       D: Planning

Our discussion in the workshops went into details along these directions above with deeper dive questions:

  • What process is in place for managing deals from leads to closure?
  • What processes are in place for ongoing pipeline and forecast management?
  • What is the level of competency and available training for sales reps and managers?
  • What onboarding procedures are being utilized for sales staff?