Salesforce for Non Profits


This offer is designed for nonprofits that are implementing Nonprofit Success Pack for the first time or for clients with limited budgets who want their Salesforce system configured to begin running their fundraising or program management processes on it

We anticipate that upto 50 hours of our consultants’ time spread over 2 weeks is sufficient time for the implementation and training.

Integrations with external systems, data migrations and appexchange product integrations or significant customizations are typically not part of the scope of a Quickstart project. We can discuss scope of your needs and add as appropriate to project timelines

Value for you:

  • Getting up and running quickly on the Salesforce Non Profit Success Pack (NPSP) system
  • Turn on the basic ‘out of the box’ processes for fundraising or program management in Salesforce

What you get:

  • Orientation to NPSP Capabilities
  • Requirements & Solution Design
  • Configure Standard Functionality
  • Key Processes Automated (fundraising or program management)
  • Data Load for Day One Operations
  • User Training


Initiate is our most popular offer for the Nonprofits. This offer is relevant for both new Salesforce nonprofit customers who want to get their base implementation right and also those customers who would like to revisit their NPSP implementations to proactively manage their growth and expanded needs

Typical Initiate projects are 4-5 weeks in duration and are designed around one of Fundraising or Program Management Applications to be built in Salesforce. We design and implement businesses processes taking into account, not just what the organization looks like today, but the organization you aspire to grow into.

Value for you:

  • Best practices in Salesforce for nonprofits
  • Improvement opportunities in current Salesforce implementation

What you get:

  • Design of Processes within scope
  • Developed and tested solution
  • Key Integrations with third party systems
  • Migration of data from legacy CRM systems
  • Trained Users and Admin


This offer is relevant to nonprofit customers who are typically growing their investments in Salesforce and are looking to build out more than one process area (say Fundraising, Program Management, Retail Sales) in Salesforce.

Our implementation methodology for such larger Salesforce implementations embraces the agile software development mindset. We organize the project typically into short sprints (of 3-4 weeks) with each sprint including a significant business function or process.

Value for you:

  • Process improvements and redesign where necessary
  • Focus on adoption and impact as guiding factors for system design
  • Adherence to best practices for development in NPSP

What you get:

For each sprint,

  • Process Design
  • Developed and tested solution
  • Integrations & Migration of data from relevant systems
  • Trained Users and Admin
  • Feedback from users


Salesforce Consultation (free educational session)

  • The Non Profit Success Pack (NPSP) from is configured for non-profits and provides complete set of tools to help manage programs, donations, volunteers and supporters all in one place. The first 10 licenses are free for the eligible non-profits and additional licenses are available at deep discounts.
  • Non profits that go with the Salesforce offer have seen significant value in streamlining operations by moving away from inefficient spreadsheet based system and getting back more time to focus on their core mission.
  • Whether you choose to utilize our services for implementation or not, we will guide you through the first steps you need to take to get your 10 free licenses from Salesforce Foundation. And point you to the resources from Salesforce for getting started.
  • Over 20 non-profits have benefited from our free orientations and services beyond, on the Salesforce products, since we started this offer.

What you get:

  • Understand the Salesforce offer for nonprofits in plain language. No technical background is necessary.
  • Get oriented to how other similar non-profits have evolved from spreadsheets to a full fledged information management system on Salesforce
  • Map the Salesforce features and their benefits directly to your non-profit
  • Obtain a realistic expectation for what it would take to build and maintain the solution on your part and get your staff trained