Salesforce Implementations


Value for you:

  • Enduring enterprise applications built leveraging best practices for Salesforce development
  • A holistic solution that addresses transformation of business processes, organizational policies and people behaviors
  • Enthusiastic championship of end users for the solution
  • Salesforce solutions built with adoption and business outcome as the critical success factors

What you get:

  • Detailed Design documentation captured in Configuration Workbooks
  • Configured Salesforce system along with the customizations and integrations to make the product work for your specific situation and needs
  • Transition of processes and information from current systems to Salesforce
  • Validated system tested for typical ‘day in the business’ scenarios

What we do:

  • Analyze and define business requirements
  • Design the future state solution
  • Configure, build and validate the solution
  • Actively involve end users and other stakeholders, address feedback and concerns throughout the development lifecycle
  • Migrate historical data from legacy systems to accommodate reporting and analytical needs
  • Deploy the solution and train users across the organization.

How we do it:

  • Our certified Salesforce experts are well versed with iterative development principles and adopt a project approach that emphasizes involving users, prototyping and frequent software releases
  • We co-locate with our clients for key activities and combine onsite and remote activities
  • Build system champions in the organization by working closely with power users throughout the development lifecycle