Salesforce CRM Strategy


Value for you:

  • Clarity for Vision, Strategy and Objectives of your CRM initiatives
  • Structure to your planning and prioritization around CRM
  • Alignment among staff for roadmap and goals
  • Assessment of existing Salesforce implementation
  • Identification of improvement opportunities with highest value

What you get:

  • Actionable improvement recommendations around Sales, Service and Marketing functions by mapping and analyzing Customer Experience across channels
  • Prioritized Roadmap for Improvement Initiatives taking into account value and feasibility of implementation
  • Business Case and Feasibility Analysis for the proposed solutions
  • Current State Assessment, Future State Vision & Gap Analysis
  • Solution Prototype & Implementation Plan

What we do:

  • Analyze current state utilizing a range of elicitation techniques
  • Generate a set of recommended initiatives mapped to Strategic Themes anchored in industry best practices
  • Apply Prioritization Filters for categorizing and prioritizing recommended initiatives
  • Group the initiatives into an actionable timeline and implementation plan
  • Present assessment and align stakeholders on proposed next steps

How we do it:

  • Engaging with the organization at the level of a single product or service line, or the entire enterprise and one or more of Sales, Service and Marketing functions across channels
  • A combination of workshops, 1-1 interviews, observation and other elicitation techniques with stakeholders
  • Benchmark your practices and policies for Sales, Service, Marketing, Communities against strategic themes