Salesforce Adoption


Value for you:

  • Significant improvement in outcomes that Salesforce CRM is being utilized for – be it acquisition of new customers, customer retention and growth or satisfaction improvements
  • Empowered staff for building stronger customer relationships aided by the power of Salesforce platform
  • Best practices utilized for the Data, Integration and Application Architectures supporting your Salesforce CRM implementation

What you get:

  • Evangelism for the Salesforce system across the ranks from executive sponsors to end user communities
  • Optimal number of controls that ensure users’ confidence in the system without frustrating them
  • Ongoing tracking of metrics for success, data quality
  • Scorecards for ongoing monitoring of adoption and outcomes
  • Vision & Strategy, Roadmaps and Governance processes

What we do:

  • Align roadmap for the Salesforce initiatives with Business Vision and Strategy
  • Build controls for ensuring accuracy and completeness of data
  • Training users in scenarios that make up a ‘day in the life’; reinforce through management coaching and refreshers
  • Engage users for feedback and communicate new release functionality
  • Implement metrics for tracking true success of the system and design scorecards for ongoing monitoring

How we do it:

  • Establish Centers of Excellence for driving business transformation.
  • Accelerate training and adoption by appropriate use of chatter and other collaboration tools
  • Motivate and engage super users, actively work with to resistors to change minds on utility of system
  • Champion change management and data governance processes